How To Be A Fashion-Forward and Debt-Free Student

When you walk into any store, your eyes wander directly to the clothes and without you knowing it, you’ve walked out with $200 charged on your credit card. Sound familiar?

Even though I’m still a high school student, when I go shopping with my debit card, I always make sure I have enough in it to pay for what I need. Having a credit card as a college or university student is a little different but at the end of the day, everyone should try to stay within their budget so they stay debt-free after their schooling! Although this is a good idea, many of us fashion lovers need to stay fashionable.

Here are 5 ways you can be a fashion-forward and debt-free student:

1. Make a Shopping List

Before you head to the mall, it’s really useful to make a list of clothing items you want to buy. Many people over-shop when they don’t have specific items that they want to shop for. Having a list makes it easier to focus on what you need exactly and you won’t overspend on things you don’t need!

2. Shop Sales

If you’re one of those people that go to the mall and buy anything that you want that’s in sight, you probably don’t think of the fact that the clothing items you just bought will eventually go on sale. Chances are that a piece of clothing that is hanging at the front of the store will be moved to the back of the store’s sales section. Wait until the item goes on sale so you save money!

3. Review What You Already Have

Many times, we don’t realize that we have that same pink v-neck sweater sitting in the back of the closet. Then, we come home with the brand new, more expensive one and realize “oops!” but returning it might not be an option. Give your closet a clean and see what clothes you already have so you don’t buy the same piece on your next shopping trip.

4. Stick With a Colour Palette

In the deep, deep part of my closet lies a lime green Christmas sweater. It’s in the back of my closet because I never wear it! That sweater wasn’t a purchase I made recently, so it doesn’t go with any of the clothes I love to wear now. Sticking with a specific colour palette, with the colours of clothes that flatter your skin tone, or that make you feel good will help you save lots of money and you won’t have a box full of clothes that is full of colours that you don’t like.

5. Thrift Shop

Finally, there is the magic world of thrift shopping. A lot of times, thrift shops have clothes that are more than half price than what they were originally. Once, I bought American Eagle jeans for $8, while I’m sure in store they were probably around $50. If you don’t like buying clothes that have been worn by someone you don’t know, another great option is going shopping in your friends’ closets!

Thanks for reading!



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