TV Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

Hello and happy holidays everyone!

I want to start a new type of “series” on my blog called TV Inspiration. These posts will feature outfits from some of my favourite TV shows or movies and how you can wear them in real life.

Today, I’m writing about Gilmore Girls. This TV show started airing in 2000, and this year, a mini-series came out as a “revival” to the original show that ended in 2007. A lot of the clothes Lorelai and Rory Gilmore wore on the original show were questionable (the bucket hats and the rainbow scarves), butĀ here is some inspiration from clothing that we actually looks pretty great!

1. Rory’s Oversized Knit Sweatergilmore-girls-2

Today, oversized knit sweaters are extremely popular!


2. Lorelai’s Flannel and Cozy Cardigan


A cozy cardigan is a staple in anyone’s closet, and layering it on top of a flannel makes you extra warm!

3. Rory’s School Uniform and Lorelai’s Leather JacketĀ 


Rory might be wearing her uniform only for school, but her uniform inspires day-to-day outfits too.

Lorelai’s leather jacket breaks up the brown on brown, and is always a go-to!





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