Chokers for…Guys?

ASOS started its year off by selling chokers for men. Many that saw them on the website questioned whether this was going to become a trend for 2017 or a trend that would totally flop.

Last year, women’s chokers as a trend exploded and so many retailers were selling them, to the point where people were making fun of the crazy different kinds of chokers they were selling. They were seen at music festivals, being worn on street wear looks, and even more glamorous looks with deep necklines. In my opinion, I don’t think chokers should be limited to women, but it’s when the trend becomes a little bit too extreme that everybody start to question it.

Harry Styles of the band One Direction wore a choker during his photo shoot for Another Man, and not too many people criticized the look. Hopefully, if the trend does become a solid one, it doesn’t go overboard!harry-styles-2016-for-another-man-mag-4

ASOS is selling velvet, suede, paisley printed, studded leather and braided leather chokers currently and who knows, maybe the selection will widen as this year goes on!





All pictures belong to Another Man Magazine and ASOS.



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