Calvin Klein & Marc Jacobs FW17 Reviews

Fashion week ended a week ago, but I’m still marvelling at the amazing collections that were shown by all the talented designers. With each year, my favourite collections change, but this year Calvin Klein’s an Marc Jacobs’ became my favourites. Here are reviews for both shows.

Calvin Klein

Colourful streamers filled the white walls of Calvin Klein’s 39th Street headquarters in New York, while alternative music played in the background of the multistory building. Raf Simons was getting ready to show his debut for Calvin Klein. I chose to write about Calvin Klein because I was excited by what Simons was going to bring to Calvin Klein. In my opinion, the collection was brilliant.

The unconventional runway was lined with chairs filled in with actresses, designers, musical artists, and more. Some of which included Brooke Shields, Lauren Hutton, Diane Von Furstenberg, A$AP Rocky, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Anna Wintour and Alexa Chung made an appearance too. I wondered what was going through their minds, as I thought about Calvin Klein’s usual customer; a woman that is a minimalist, but still wants to stand out with a print, unusual sleeve, etc.

One particular aspect that I loved about the whole show were the white bandanas placed on the show seats. With all the chaos that is going on in America, Business Of Fashion founder, Imran Amed, came up with the idea to include white bandanas on certain shows’ seats. They were a campaign for peace and unity, a perfect addition to what I would describe the show as “optimistic.” With the hashtag “tiedtogether,” (#tiedtogether) it spread all over social media.

Not only did I think the show was optimistic, but it was also colourful, classic, included work wear and represented America as a whole. When the models started walking out, I could see that the colours of the streamers matched some of the looks. Blazers, knee-length skirts, work coats, aviary jackets made me think of work wear. Lastly, the opening look immediately made me think of America; it had the colours of the American flag and later on, the looks reflected America’s diversity. In addition to that, “This Is Not America” by David Bowie played in the background, perhaps indicating the change about to come.

My favourite look was #23. The model wore a tartan printed coat with plastic overtop, simple clear and green heels, and had a slender purse swung across her chest. I love that it is a classic coat, but has a different touch to it with the plastic. I also love the idea that it could work as a raincoat without the original style of it being that.

If everybody were to wear this collection, I’m sure that they could take on anything that comes in their way.


Marc Jacobs

Guests walked into the Marc Jacobs show without their cell phones in their hands. That’s an idea that seems crazy today, where anywhere we go we see people grasping on to their phones tightly. Usually at fashion shows, guests have their phones out to take videos or pictures of the collection as the models breeze past them. But at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, not a single cell phone was in sight.

Personally, I don’t usually look out for Jacobs’ collections, but I decided to give it a chance after seeing all the social media hype about it. His typical customer, someone with a very strong liking to being bold and unique, isn’t my style, but I sure am glad that I took a look at this show.

If I had to summarize the show in five words/phrases, they would be our modern era, comfortable, unplugged, pared and neutral. (Neutral describing the clothing.) My generation especially always checking social media, so those specific words came into my head. I loved that the runway started off looking as if it was a traditional one, but the models proceeded outside of the building. There, they sat or posed by chairs, holding out cell phones, a juxtaposition to the audience nearby that was told to put their phones away and enjoy the show.

I felt that it was a menswear-inspired collection, because of the oversized jacket that models draped over their shoulders and the sweaters that seemed to almost envelop them. A very obvious part of the collection where the hats. Somewhat unusual, they also made me look at the outfit as a whole. It was an added touch to all the looks. My favourite look was #7. A statement coat, boots, purse and a hat was the outfit, and I loved that even though every piece was almost the same colour, it still managed to stand out to me.

It was amazing to see that a show without cell phones could still be as amazing as one with them.



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