Streetwear – Is it normal for teens to be spending so much money on it?

The streetwear craze seems to have taken over everywhere. Young teens are spending thousands of dollars on “designer” streetwear items, but where are they getting the money to pay for that? And is it normal that they are spending their money on hoodies over $300?

streetwear - supreme 2
Supreme jacket

From Supreme to Stussy, Off-White to Palace, 14-year-olds are paying way more than what they would pay for a Nintendo DS to have limited edition clothing. As a teenager myself, I wondered how they could afford to pay for the streetwear pieces, so I did some research.

According to print magazine and website Vice, “keeping up with the latest drops is a job in itself.” Many of the teenagers don’t have jobs and some legally can’t even work, so they find different ways to earn their money. Christmas presents, birthdays, and holidays act as occasions for parents to give these teens exclusive items. When they don’t want the item anymore, or when the “hype” goes away, they sell it and in exchange buy another exclusive piece.

streetwear - bape

A lot of these teens are categorized as “hypebeasts”, meaning that they are people who’ve jumped onto exclusive streetwear because that’s what’s cool.¬†Instagram takes a huge part in inspiring their outfits and the label “hypebeast” is thrown out a lot on the social media platform. Some of them post everyday, showing off the new items they’ve gotten, which leads to an extreme amount of followers. With the new pieces, many of them say there’s a “need to show them off.”

Personally, I don’t think it’s wrong for teens to have and want expensive streetstyle items, as long as they buy and sell them fairly. I’m curious to see if this huge trend will die down soon or if teens will continue lining up for hours just to own that $300 hoodie.

streetwear - stussy
Stussy T-Shirts



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